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Ethel M. Weymouth Art Gallery
November & December Artist- LJ Sloss

Two Hoodies with matching surround, Muddy River, Boston
copyright Lawrence J. Sloss, 2017-18, all rights reserved

Please join us in the art gallery Saturday, December 2 at 11 a.m. for an exhibit and artist's talk by photographer LJ Sloss. Refreshments will be provided. Hope to see you there!

Larry took his first photograph with a Brownie 620 box camera in the spring of 1947, starting off with a picture of a neighbor’s baby in her buggy. He has since gone through many technological twists and turns, and wide fluctuations in his attention as it was distracted by schooling, relocation, undergraduate education, medical school, postgraduate medical training, two years in the Navy and finally settling back down in the Boston area for the remainder of his professional life. There were phases of primitive snapshots, a long predominance of color slides, several years with a home darkroom, SLR and more intensive black-and-white photography concentrating on people and in particular portraiture of family and friends.
There followed the permanent dismantlement of Larry's home darkroom in favor of his youngest child, another epoch of color slides concentrating on children and vacations, and brief lapses into instant cameras. With the advent of digital photography, it became possible for Larry to carry a camera wherever he went and thereby have a tool not only to record the world as it flowed past, but also to develop a deeper artistic interest in and appreciation of the aesthetic of this world. Larry does most of his photography with relatively small and highly portable compact digital cameras. The artist does have a fairly advanced DSLR and is planning venture further into more serious and formal work now that, as a result of semi-retirement, he has the time and energy to devote a proper share of time and effort.

The work will remain on display for the months of November & December.

The Ethel M. Weymouth Art Gallery was established in January 2003 by the Friends of the Wells Public Library and Stephen Bahre. Mr. Bahre was Library Director from 2000 to 2003 when he passed away. The Gallery, located near the front of the library, provides exhibit space to local artists. The Gallery is open year round during Library hours. Opening receptions are held for each show usually on the first Saturday of the month from 11:00- 12:30. 

Artists in the community are encouraged to apply to exhibit their art in the gallery. Please contact the library for more information at 207-646-8181 or email Jade Austin at

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