Search, Request and Renew items with MINERVA

How to Use Minerva to Search for or Request Items
The Wells Public Library is part of the MINERVA consortium of libraries.  This allows patrons with a valid Wells Public Library card to search and request items from the Wells Public Library or any of the other 65+ MINERVA libraries.  
The MINERVA catalog is available online and can be used from your Smart Phone, computer or from the  library's computers.
Items borrowed from other MINERVA libraries are sent to the Wells Public Library when they are available.  When the book/item arrives at the Wells Public Library you will be contacted by email or phone to notify you of it's arrival. 
If the item is available at the Wells Public Library when the request is filled, you will be notified.  If it is not immediately available at the Wells Public Library, another library's copy will be sent.
Items are held for a period of 5 days and if they are not picked up will be returned to the lending library or the shelves of our library if it is owned by us. 
There is a 10 item request limit per library card.  Once an item is checked out, you will be allowed another request.  
You must bring the library card that was used to place the request when you come to pick up the item.
This is a free service provided to our library patrons, and we are glad to offer it. It has become one of the most popular services we offer here at the library.  This service effectively allows us to expand our collection from 43,000 items in Wells to over 6 million items in participating MINERVA libraries!
Use the instructions below to learn how to search for and request Items from MINERVA.  If you cannot find the item you want by searching in MINERVA, you may find it in MaineCat, which is another system that Wells Public Library patrons may utilize.

If you need assistance, you may visit or call the library at 646-8181 ext. 205.
To learn how to use MINERVA click here.