Teen Spring Programs

Random Fandom
Wednesday, March 7, May 2, and May 16 at 2:30 p.m.
The first Wednesday of every month, we’ll be celebrating a new popular theme geared towards kids in grades 5-8.  We’ll make crafts, eat snacks, play games, and talk all about the theme.
Each month we celebrate a new popular theme geared towards kids in grades 5-8 with this fan-favorite program.  This spring we will enjoy Pop Tarts, Star Wars, and Ready Player One!
Pop Tarts- Let’s celebrate America’s most beloved toaster pastry with crafts, snacks, and games! 
Star Wars- May the Fourth be with you again this year! Let’s revel and rebel by crafting, snacking, and watching The Last Jedi!
Ready Player One- Ernest Cline’s debut YA dystopian novel is about an outcast teen hooked on a VR game, who leads the race to discover the vast fortune of the game’s creator after his death. The book has been made into a movie! Let’s puzzle, craft, and snack our way to gaming greatness.
Teen Craft
Wednesday, March 28, April 4, and May 9 at 2:30 p.m.
Stop by the library on the second Wednesday in each month to try out a new craft!  We provide the supplies, you bring the creativity!

Record Bowls- Just a few minutes in the oven turn an old record into a retro bowl to paint and decorate.
Pipe Cleaner Ninjas- Craft a posable figure with stealth and style using pipe cleaners and pony beads.
Morse Code Beading- Conceal a secret message in the beads of your jewelry with Morse code!

Teen Food Workshop
Wednesday, March 21 and May 30 at 2:15 p.m.
Want to improve your food prep skills? Have some culinary fun and get your snack on with Teen Food Workshop, the third Wednesday of each month. Each workshop will show how to make a cool snack step by step, and then we’ll eat what we’ve made together!

March 21- Cheesecakeadillas
May 30- Animal Face Rice Cakes  

All ingredients and tools provided. Please inform library staff of any food allergies before participating in this program. 

Teen Game Tournament
Wednesday, March 14, April 11, April 25, and May 23 at 2:30 p.m.
Drop by the library to participate in our ongoing gaming tournament. Each month, we will have a new competitive game for you to try your hand at - from retro board games to Wii marathons to our brand new Nintendo Switch. On April 11th (while the Children's Section is closed), join us outside for some fun lawn games! The top scorers at the end of our chosen games will each win a prize. 

These free events are sponsored by the Friends of the Wells Public Library. For more information, please contact Jade Austin at jaustin@wellstown.org or call the library at 207-646-8181.

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Resources for Teens

Book Reviews and Suggestions

Teen Reads: Interested in learning about new books? Teen Reads might just be the place for you! It is filled with a little bit of everything, reviews, author interviews, and contests. 

Reading Rants: Want to find a new book to read? Try this website which features out-of-the-ordinary book suggestions

Epic Reads: Like browsing BuzzFeed but want it to be more book focused? Try Epic Reads, a listicle website complete with funny gifs and lots of YA books

No Flying No Tights: Love graphic novels? Check out this website which is filled with graphic novel reviews

Writing Resources

Figment: Do you like to read, write, and connect with other writers? Then Figment might be a great place to explore. It's a website to share your writing, read new writing, and discover new ideas.

Teen Ink: Do you like to write, read, and make art? Then check out Teen Ink, a website for teens ages 13 - 19 who love to write or express themselves artistically. 

Cyber Awareness

A Thin Line: Curious about the digital world, but worried about it at the same time? Check out this website which was created by MTV to help spot, respond to, and prevent digital abuse. Learn how to be more tech savvy and safe.