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Programming Policy

The Wells Public Library offers programs intended to further the Library's mission. The library functions as an intellectual and cultural resource for the community. Programs are a means through which the public can share experiences, appreciate special interests, and exchange information.

All programs must be open to the public and offered free of charge, although at the discretion of the Library Director the following will be permissible at Library-initiated programs or on property governed by Library policy:

1) Fund-raising to benefit the Library, or sponsored by the Friends of the Wells Library.

2) The sale of books, CDs, or other items by authors or performers/presenters as part of a Library program. Presenters are encouraged to donate a copy of their work to the Library for possible inclusion in the Library collection.

The Library will endeavor to include a broad spectrum of opinion and a variety of viewpoints in Library-initiated programs and exhibits. At times the library may collaborate on programs not developed by the Library that are educational and promote the Library's mission.

A distinction must be made between programs which are initiated by the Library and programs initiated by groups outside the library. The library promotes the free and open exchange of ideas. The Library does not attempt to control or be responsible for the content for programs it does not initiate. It recognizes that the group bringing the program to the Library is responsible for its content and execution. Library sponsorship of a program and opinions expressed by individuals and groups presenting the program do not constitute or imply an endorsement or a reflection of its policies, beliefs, or program by any library personnel or by the Wells Public Library Board of Trustees or the Friends of the Wells Public Library, or by the Town of Wells.

Program presenters will be selected from local, regional, and national talent in order to prepare a program schedule that reflects the diversity of the town and the world. Requests from individuals to present programs including author readings and signings are considered and weighed against the public's demonstrated interest in the topic, budget, and other allocated resources , as well as the presenter's demonstrated qualifications, expertise, and reputation. Decisions on which programs to offer are made by the Library Director, the Assistant Library Directory/Youth Services Librarian, or the Director's designee.

Every attempt will be made to accommodate all who wish to attend a program. However, when safety or the success of a program requires it, attendance may be limited. When limits must be established, attendance will be determined on a first come, first served basis, either with advanced registration or at the door.

In some cases, the nature and success of a program may require a limited attendance based on age, especially programs intended for children and teens that are geared to their interests and developmental needs. In no case will attendance at a program be limited because the content of the program may be controversial.

The library does not offer programs of a purely commercial nature. Library programs must have a special educational, informational, or cultural value to the community. Examples of programs that would be considered of a commercial nature include but are not limited to presentations offered for free but with the intention of soliciting future business.

The library does not offer programs that support or oppose any political candidate or ballot measure. However, election information, such as candidates' forums that include invitations to all recognized candidates, may be offered. Because it is not consistent with passive distribution, materials asking for library visitors to sign a petition or letter are not permitted at candidates' forums or other library programs.

The library does not offer programs that support or oppose a specific religious conviction. Holiday programs may be offered.

Right of Appeal:

Appeals to this policy may be made according to the “Policy on Appeals of Library Decisions Involving Library Policies.”

Created 5/09

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees.