The Maine State Library (MSL) contracts with a vendor to provide van delivery of materials between libraries. This is an amazing service that allows us to provide patrons with materials from across the state that we wouldn’t otherwise have in the collection. The MSL awarded the bid for the coming fiscal year to a new vendor. One of the vendors who was not awarded the bid has appealed. This means that while the appeal works its way through the process, we will not have van delivery service as of July 1st. Because this could take several months, MSL has decided to turn off the ability to request materials from other libraries starting Tuesday, June 4th.

We know this will be inconvenient for our patrons, and we will keep you updated as we receive information. We ask that you please be patient with our staff, who will also be navigating this frustrating development. We will do our best to find a way to get you the materials you are looking for.

Remember you can use your Wells Library card at the Kennebunk, York, and Sanford libraries. If you do borrow a book from another library using your Wells card, you will need to return that book to the same library.


Click here for a list of all the Maine libraries where you can use your Wells Library card.


If you’d like more information on the bid process and appeal, click here for the MSL site.